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Garment Dyed 100% Organic Cotton Polos - Made in the Carolinas

by Barton Strawn |

We knew we wanted our garment dyed polo to be the most local product we had made yet, so every step we took was towards this goal. We found a great mill in South Carolina making a 100% Organic cotton jersey knit and we were sold. Our sweater maker here in North Carolina said they could make some knit products for us and when we got the samples we couldn't have been happier. Only thing left was a little color, and luckily for us, we had a world-class dye house just down the road from us.

The final product was an ultra soft, 

Where do you shoot a casual polo? Why not in the local urban Garden, Raleigh City Farm. We couldn't think of a better place for our polo to make it's debut than somewhere work is all around. Thats what we hope for our polo, that it becomes the work horse of your wardobe this summer.

Paired in this look with our stone chinos, we think you will look great grabbing a beer, or grabbing some vegetables at the farmer's market this Saturday morning.

Featuring our Navy Garment Dyed Polo and Stone Chinos. 


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