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A Late Summer Look with Van from Bida Manda

by Barton Strawn |

One of our favorite shirts this summer has been the Polka Dot Chambray. We wanted to style it in a new and unique way, so we asked our friend Van if he would be willing to stand in as a model. Luckily for us, he jumped at the chance. He even let us sneak into his restaurant, Bida Manda, before they opened to grab some behind the scenes photos. 

If you have not been to Bida Manda before, you should certainly do so. Living in Raleigh? It will quickly become one of your stables. If you are from out of town, we always recommend it as a stop on your trip. It is a small step in Lao and Van and Vanvisa will make you feel completely at home. 

Featured here is the Chambray Polka Dot and our Stone Chinos. 

Thanks again Van for being such a great model! We know we will be around to Bida for some lettuce wraps and papaya salad soon. 

Featured Clothing: Chambray Polka Dot | Stone Chinos.

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