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The Lantern Vol. 1

by Spencer Bland |

The Lantern

VOL. 1

We introduced it last week but now it's finally here, the first volume of The Lantern is lighting up your inbox and hopefully your world. Below is a curated update of what goes on at Lumina Clothing, whether it's what we're creating, who we're supporting, the tunes we're bumping, or the wears we're pushing - The Lantern will be a source of light on not only our creative process, but the process of the community that surrounds Lumina Clothing as well.



Our production intern Jordan has been hard at work bringing something special to a Lumina favorite, Jodi. Jodi is performing his new album in full on Friday, September 9th at Kings as part of this year's Hopscotch. We do special projects like these to bring amazingly talented people together to achieve something greater.

Lumina Clothing Jordan & Jodi

"I've loved working with the Lumina Creative Team and Youthful Records to design the perfect look for Jodi's Hopscotch performance. Music has always been a huge part of my life and I'm happy that I can finally combine my two greatest passions." - Jordan



Each volume of The Lantern will feature a spotlight on an artist in the Lumina community who we want to shine some light on. This volume's feature is the Godfather of Sol himself, Mr. Jason Clary. Jason is a dear friend to all of us at Lumina and most who have had the privilege to meet him. You've probably seen Jason's work and not even realized it as his talents have brought you Kooley High's Heights album art and the Lumina Shop Tee artwork, to name a couple. If you cross paths with him at the shop or around town be sure to strike up a conversation with him, you won't be disappointed.

Jason Clary The Lantern

(Photo by @sageberx)

"I find my art to be deeply rooted and interconnected with the process of my own personal growth.  I see it as a visual translation of the language of a healing heart. Deep down it's all about seeing everything as the light of mutual love." - Jason



If you've come into the Raleigh Flagship store, then you know we love bumping tunes. We asked some Lumina contributors to give us their current song that can't stop playing and we've got them for you below.

Charity Stripes - Ace Henderson 
Genius of Love (Live) 
- Tom Tom Club
22 (OVER S∞∞N)
 - Bon Iver
What If I Go?
- Mura Masa
Am I Wrong?
- Anderson .Paak



With the arrival of our new NC Hats in collaboration with Ebbets Field, we've decided to run a contest for you all. The #LuminaGiveaway was announced last week and with new contributions every day, the competition is heating up. If you want to learn more about how you can get your head under one of our famous hats then check out this post for the rules.


Lastly, if you haven't seen by now we've got some new shirts in stock! The Lumen button downs are for everyone. If you haven't noticed we dropped the "menswear" from our name and are making clothing that can be worn by whoever, whenever they want. The new Lumen button down pictured below comes with a deep pocket to hold an iPhone (or anything) and long sleeves so you can roll them up and style them to your standards. But don't worry we've got long sleeves for you too and all can be found over on our website. As always, everything is made in the USA with processes that take care of this earth and its people.

Lumen Button Down

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