• Black Lives Tee
  • Black Lives Tee

Black Lives Tee

$ 22.00


Raleigh's own, Tyrone Demery, had a vision so we here at Lumina Clothing decided to partner with him to bring his vision to light. This tee hopes to shine on the injustices black Americans are facing in this country. This collaboration will serve as a conversation starter, a light in a shady place for others to find unity in. Lumina Clothing will make zero profit on this piece, but our value is made in the conversations, and hopefully change, that it brings. This project has been something in the making and not a reaction to any particular incident but a contribution to a large picture.  Light... for growth, warmth, and vision.

Concept by Tyrone Demery, crafted and printed in Raleigh, NC on USA Made American Apparel product.


 Availability: Online/shipped, Online/In store pick-up (see ***** below for details) and In our Raleigh Flagship location. 


1. 9/22/16, 4pm -  Due to the amazing support from people in NC we are sold out in 2 hours, we will have more inventory available tomorrow. Please check back with us soon! 

2. 9/22/16, 7pm - We busted our butts and got more on the fly! More stock available for Friday delivery/shipment, order at will!!!!

3. 9/23/16 11pm - WE AEW SOLD OUT AGAIN - More stock available on Monday (9/26/16)

4. 9/26/16 4pm - Back in stock, Order at will!!! Charcoal and Black Options coming sooooon! 


***** Use discount code "PICKUP" at check out if you wish to pick up in the store once they are in stock. This Code waves shipping cost only for those who wish to do an "in store pick up" and will not work as free shipping.

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